Best Pet Water Fountains Review

Your feline friend needs water and all you need to do is provide frequent access to water and she will drink enough to meet her needs. Offer small amounts of water throughout the day to keep him/her hydrated.

We have various water fountains with different shapes and colours which can keep your cat amazed as they quench their thirst. Your cat tends to drink more water during hot temperature seasons or after meals and us much as we like water from our amazing water coolers so do cats as this is more refreshing.

Ensure water is always available and accessible to her/him. With so many choices out there, you might be asking yourself, how can you ever know which water fountain will work best for your cat?

We’ve got your back as this guide will lead you to your cat’s dream fountain.

Quiet Cat Water Fountains

  1. Raindrop Design Cat Water Fountain

This is a stylish easy to clean fountain made of stainless steel, with the moving water function it attracts your cat to drink more. Dishwasher safe and filters the water making it safe for your cat. Small and flexible can be carried on road trips.


  1. Flowery Stream Pet Drinking Fountain

A fan favorite of my cats’, the flowery fountain has a flowing stream above making it fun for your cat to drink. Let’s liquid out in different places ideal for a home of multiple pets. Quieter flow you won’t notice when the water is flowing. Loved by pet parents for its leak-proof guarantee and ease of use as cat drinks.


My picks are among our favourites and the Rainbow design as it offers an atmosphere of meditation and relaxation as she drinks. As much as you want to spend on a budget be keen to get a fountain that is high quality and long lasting.

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